Mar 172014

Deva Junior National Team members began the year by attending 2 very important international junior competitions overseas: Nadia  Comaneci International Invitational in Oklahoma, USA (22 February 2014) and Gymnix International Junior Cup in Montreal, Canada (8-9 March 2014). Thus, our young gymnasts got a taste of the big international competitions spirit , the American experience being for some of them either their first international meet (Alexandra Mihai, Maria Holbura, Stefania Orzu, Dora Vulcan) either their first appearance on a competition podium (Ioana Crisan, Olivia Cimpian).

At the already traditional Nadia competition Romania sent a team of young 2020 Olympic hopefuls: Ioana Crisan, Olivia Cimpian and Alexandra Mihai, a team that brought home a handful of medals, proving one more time that the future is bright. They won the team bronze and the all-around silver (Ioana Crisan – only 2 tenths behind the new wonder-child of USa gymnastics – Russian born, WOGA trained Irina Alexeeva) and bronze (Olivia Cimpian). A debutant in international events, Alexandra Mihai was 8th all-around. Our girls were among the best in the unofficial event standings also: Alexandra Mihai was 2nd on beam, Olivia Cimpian was 2nd on floor and 3rd on beam while the most consistent gymnast of the whole competition, Ioana Crisan was 3rd on vault, beam and floor and 4th on bars.

Nadia Invitational 2014

At the Gymnix Junior Cup, Romania sent 2000 juniors:  Adela Florea, Maria Holbura, Stefania Orzu and Dora Vulcan. This young team, made predominantly of  gymnasts with 0 international experience finished the first day on 5th place while individually they placed 14th  – Stefania Orzu, 17tth Dora Vulcan, 19th  Maria Holbura and 22nd Adela Florea. The event finals day was brighter as it brought the only medal for Romania Stefnia Orzu’s bronze on beam. Dora Vulcan was 4th on vault and Maria Holbura was 5th on floor.

We are positive that this experience was a very valuable and motivational one for the young and unexperienced Romanian juniors both for the ones returning with medals and appreciation but also for the ones returning prize-free but ambition and   determination – full.

Nov 302013

The history of Romanian participation in Coupe Avenir Malmedy has always been very successful and rewarding. The 2013 edition, held on 9 and 10 November, was no exception, our gymnasts Adela Florea and Stefania Orzu collecting an impressive medal record. The two juniors won the team competition is spite of  Dora Vulcan’s (also scheduled to compete) unavailability due to medical reasons.

The medal count increased considerably with  the all around silver medal, bars and beam gold and floor bronze of Adela Florea and the all around bronze and vault and floor silver medals of  Stefania Orzu. Quite a record for such young and inexperienced athletes!

Adela & Stefnia

© Larisa Apostol

Congratulations to our young gymnasts!

Apr 292013

After the recent National Schools Championships held in Buzau, a few talented gymnasts were called at Deva to be part of the new national junior team. Most of the gymnasts selected are Rio Olympic hopefuls and just a handful of them are younger gymnasts age eligible for 2020 Olympics.  Here they are:


Miriam AribasoiuMiriam Aribasoiu, member of Deva junior team since 2011, comes from CNS Cetate Deva where she trained with Ulpia Barbu, Mirela Dicu, Alexandru Militaru, Lenuta Slabu, Sorin Tolteanu andl Gheorghe Cosma.
Team bronze medalist at last year’s Junior Euros, a talented, elegant and execution accurate gymnast, Miriam could not make the  Izvorani Olympic team this year because of some nagging medical issues. Being again part of Deva junior team she needs to compete at the highest level this year in order to be called at  Izvorani. She’ll be senior in 2014.

Miriam performing for Romania on bars

Raluca BrutaruRaluca Brutaru is one of the 6 athletes selected from CSS 1 Constanta club. as her colleagues she prepared at Constanta under Mirela Szemerjai, Sorin Bechir, Madalina Harbu and choreographer Daniela Sofronie. Raluca is a strong, dynamic gymnast with acrobatic abilities. Constant training at national team standards could bring her the improvement she needs. She turns senior in 2015.

Raluca performing on floor

Olivia CimpianOlivia Cimpian, one of the team babies, comes from  CNS Cetate Deva club whre she has had coaches as Adela Popa andIoan Coroiu, Cristinel Micu, Luciana Rusan, Lenuta Slabu and Gina Gogean but also Liliana Cosma and Gheorghe Orban. She began gymnastics at Arad and her first coaches were Carina Franiov and Ciprian Hegyi. She is one of the most valuable gymnasts of her generation, being a class above the field both execution and difficulty. She is very expressive and elegant. She’ll be eligible for senior competitions in 2017.

Olivia, extraordinary beautiful on floor

Ioana ComanIoana Coman, from CSS 1 Constanta, is for the second time member Deva National team. At her first selection, Ioana was forced to return to Constanta following an injury that kept her away from training. She is now  back, more determined than ever, marking her comeback with 4 medals at the recent Schools Championships. Ioana is a gymnast with real potential for excelling on all apparatus. Intense training might guarantee her the consistency she needs. She turns senior in 2015.

Ioana performing on floor

Ioana Teodora CrisanIoana Teodora Crisan, a 2001 born gymnast, began gymnastics at Cluj with coaches Dana Aron and Dan Florian and starting with level 3 she continued training at CNS Cetate Deva under coaches Adela Popa and Ioan Coroiu and later with Liliana Cosma and Gheorghe Orban. Ioana is a complete gymnast, a strong competitor on all 4 events. Her talent consists of a fortunate mixture of technical and artistic abilities. She will be senior in 2017

Teo, focused on beam

Diana Rahela DamianDiana Damian, an old member of Deva junior team also, is affiliated to CSSG Focsani where she trained with Nicoleta Raducan and Florin Rosioru. She was initially selected for Onesti junior national team in 2010 and she moved to Deva team in 2011. She is powerful, dynamic, with special acrobatic abilities, her best events being beam and floor. She is age eligible as a first year senior for Rio Olympics.

Diana owning beam

Adela Paula FloreaAdela Florea, multiple champion and medalist in her category, is student of coaches Ioan Coroiu and Adela Popa from CNS Cetate Deva. In 2013 she trained with Liliana Cosma and Gheorghe Orban. As difficulty level she is the most advanced gymnast of her age group, performing more complex elements than many of the older girls also. She is a very talented athlete, she easily masters new elements and she performers them confidently in competition. She is highly competitive on all events, needing just a bit more attention on execution details. She missed the latest competition because of some medical problems. She’s turning senior in 2016.

Adela rocking bars

Carmen GhiciucCarmen Ghiciuc is part of the youngest generation of gymnasts selected for Deva national team. She trained at CNS Cetate Deva club with coaches Adela Pppa, Ioan Coroiu, Cristinel Micu, Luciana Rusan, Lenuta Slabu, Gina Gogean, Liliana Cosma and Gheorghe Orban. She is a tiny, graceful gymnast with pleasant executions. With a little bit more confidence she could earn the needed competition consistency. She becomes senior in 2017.

Carmen, in control of beam

Maria Larisa HolburaMaria Holbura comes from CSS 1 Constanta where she prepared with the same coaches as her colleagues: Mirela Szemerjai, Sorin Bechir, Madalina Harbu and choreographer Daniela Sofronie. She is especially gifted for vault but she also has great acrobatic and artistic potential for beam and floor. Her technical baggage on uneven bars can be highlighted with a bit of polish execution wise. She is senior age eligible in 2016.

Maria dominating vault final at Nationals _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Alexandra Maria MihaiAlexandra Maria Mihai, one of the hopefuls for the next quadrennium, is the product of CSS 2 Bucharest club where she has trained with cu Liliana Plisca, Binaca Abrudean and Ancuta Gheorghe Dan. She made herself remarked from her very first competitions, dominating year after year her age category; she is a complete, accurate gymnast, very energetic and determined.  She is especially agreeably on beam and floor and with a bit more attention she can shine on uneven bars too. She turns senior in 2017.

Alexa, an artist performance on floor


Malina MileaMalina Milea, competing  CSS 1 Constanta is a longilin, powerful, consistent gymnast with good and promising routines on all apparatus. She’ll need to improve on execution quality. Born in 1999, turns senior in 2015.

Malina performing on floor


Iuliana MileaIuliana Milea, Malina’s twin sister, has a richer repertoire of elements, being especially good on uneven bars where she performs a difficult and complex routine. With more attention on execution she can become very competitive all-around.

Iulia, ambitious routine on bars

Stefania OrzuStefania Orzu comes from Onesti where she trained at CSM club with Ileana Hrisca and Eugen Grosu. She is dynamic, energetic and extremely expressive, having a very good communication with the audience, showing great pleasure in her performances. Uneven bars are her weakest point but hopefully she can improve on. She becomes senior in 2016.

Stefi, lovely and smiling on floor

Laura TofanLaura Tofan of CSS 1 Constanta is a very talented athlete, with quality and progress potential on all 4 apparatus. She has really nice lines on uneven bars being capable of great performances on this event. On beam and floor she can improve both artistically and acrobatically. She needs to get over competition nerves and become more consistent. She turns senior in  2016.

Laura and a promising uneven bars routine


Dora VulcanDora Vulcan, a native of Focsani competed in the past for CSSG Focsani and CSM Onesti clubs where she was prepared by her mother, coach Doinita Vulcan, and now she represents CSS 7 Dinamo Bucharest where she trained with Mariana Cimpeanu Silisteanu. She was part of the junior team training in Onesti from 2010 to 2011. She is a longilin, elegant gymnast with very enjoyable performances. She has yet to gain on the difficulty level as medical issues have slowed her down lately. She will be senior in 2015

Dora, elegant on floor


Preparation of these 15 gymnasts is done by Liliana Cosma – head coach, Gheorghe Orban, Florin Cotutiu,  Ramona Micu and choreographer Corina Dorean, a highly experienced team from CNS Cetate Deva ,who will surely make wonders with these talented kids.

Oct 022012
Stefania Orzu

© Dan Mares

General Info

Name: Stefania Orzu
Born 13 August 2000
Onesti, Bacau
Club: CSM Onesti
Club Coaches: Ioana Grava, Ileana Hrisca
Eugen Grosu (until 2012)
Deva Junior National Team member (2013-2014)
Deva Junior National Team coaches: Liliana Cosma (head coach), Florin Cotutiu, Ramona Micu, Gheorghe Orban, choreographer Corina Dorean
Izvorani Olympic Team member (2014-2016)
Izvorani Olympic Team coaches: Octavian Bellu (head coach), Maria Bitang (head coach), Ioan Coroiu, Cristian Moldovan, Lacramioara Moldovan, Adela Popa, Lucian Sandu
Current status: retired

Competition Results

  • 2015: Junior Team Nationals – 5th place with team CSM Onesti, 10th AA score (category I, level 5); Japan Junior International, Yokohama – 13th place AA, 4th place BB, 5th place FX; Junior Individual Nationals – 10th place AA (category I, level 5)
  • 2014:  L’International Gymnix Junior Cup, Montreal – 5th place with team Romania, 14th place AA, 3rd place BB; Trofeo Citta di Jesolo – 2nd place with team Romania, 19th place AA; Senior Nationals – 9th place AA, 3rd place VT
  • 2013Junior Team Nationals – 10th AA score (category II, level 5); Senior Nationals – 5th place with team CSM Onesti – SCM Bacau, 20th place AA; Junior Individual Nationals– 13th place AA, 5th place FX, 6th place VT (category II, level 5); Coupe Avenir, Malmedy – 3rd place AA, 2nd place VT and FX, 4th place UB (juniors)
  • 2012: Junior Team Nationals – 4th place with team  CSM Onesti, 12th AA score (category III, level 4); Junior Individual Nationals – 8th place AA, 3rd place FX, 5th place VT, 6th place BB (category III, level 4); Senior Nationals – 2nd place with team ASJ Bacau, 20th AA score (hopefuls division)
  • 2010: “Little Gymnast” Nationals – 8th place with team CSM Onesti, 49th place AA (category IV, level 2)
  • 2009“Little Gymnast” Nationals – 63rd place AA (category IV, level 1)

Photo Gallery

  • 2013 Senior Nationals, Bucharest (© Dan Mares)
  • 2013 Junior Team Nationals, Onesti (© Dan Mares)
  • 2012 Senior Nationals, Onesti (© Dan Mares 1; © CSM Onesti 2,3)
  • 2012 Junior Individual Nationals, Deva
  • All-Around (© Dan Mares)
  • Floor Final (© Dan Mares)
  • 2012 CSM Onesti Cup (© Dan Mares)
  • 2011 CSM Onesti Cup (© CSM Onesti)