Apr 092013

Between 5-6 April 2013, at Buzau, took place the Nationals Schools Championships. Here are images and results from the competition.

First part: Category I juniors – images and results

The all-around competition was won by Malina Milea (CSS 1 Constanta) one of the talented twin sisters from Constanta, who gathered a  48.500 points total. In silver medal position we had her colleague, a talented and ambitious gymnast Ioana Coman (CSS1 Constanta) with a total of 46,425. The bronze went to former Junior National team member Ioana Badea (CSS 1 Timisoara) with a total of 45.900 points. The following spots in the rankings were earned by: Aida Budac (CSS 1 Constanta), Mirela Gradinaru (CS Nadia Comaneci, Onesti), Vasilica Filipescu (CNS Cetate Deva), Laura Neacsu (CSS2 Bucharest) and Nicoleta Stratulat (CSS Barlad)


The best gymnasts on each apparatus were:

Vault: Gold was won by Malina Milea (CSS 1 Constanta) with a 13.400 average, silver medalists were Ioana Coman (CSS 1 Constanta) , Mirela Gradinaru (CS Nadia Comaneci) and Laura Neacsu (CSS 2 Bucharest) with 13.325.


Uneven bars: The same two front spots: Malina Milea (CSS 1 Constanta) and Ioana Coman (CSS1 Constanta) this time followed by Ioana Badea (CSS 1 Timisoara).


Balance Beam: The gold was earned by beam specialist Mirela Gradinaru (CS Nadia Comaneci); she was followed by silver medalist Nicoleta Stratulat (CSS Barlad) and by bronze medalist Vasilica Filipescu (CNS Cetate Deva).


Floor Exercise: Another gold for Malina Milea (CSS1 Constanta) with 12.950 and another silver for Ioana Coman (CSS1 Constanta)  with 12.900. They were followed by Mirela Gradinaru (CS Nadia Comaneci Onesti) with 12.850.


Congratulations girls and good luck in future competitions! Special encouragements for the ones selected to be part of the Deva Junior National Team.

Photo © Dan Mares

Apr 092013

Here are the results for our youngest hopes, the Category IV gymnasts.

At this category we also have a team ranking. First place was won by CSS 1 Timisoara team composed of: Elisa Stana, Bianca Boca, Denisa Furak, Larisa Ilies, Gianina Dan and Rebeca Serdean. The team total was 268.750 points

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Apr 092013

We now focus on the older, more experienced gymnasts, presenting you the category II results

In the all-around, the gold medal was awarded to a  talented, elegant and clean gymnast, determined to do all in her power to accomplish her dreams. Dora Gabriela Vulcan (CSS 7 Dinamo Bucharest) earned first place with 50.825 points. In second place we had a talented, consistent gymnast Raluca Silvia Brutaru (CSS 1 Constanta), with a total of 50.175 points. Very close behind was her younger colleague, Laura Tofan, a very gifted and lovely gymnast, who managed a total of 49.975 points but is capable of a lot more. The other top 8 gymnats were: Iuliana Dimbean (CSS Sibiu), Emanuela Parva (CNS Cetate Deva), Iuliana Milea (CSS 1 Constanta), Maria Holbura (CSS 1 Constanta) and Cristina Candea (CSS Sibiu).


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Apr 092013

We finally got to the category III results, probably the most expected of all.

Category III, level 3


1. Andreea Ilas (CSS 1 Timisoara)

2. Alina Elena Nicolae (CSS Buzau)

3. Denisa Golgota (CNS Cetate Deva)

Followed by: Giorgiana Vieru (CNS Cetate Deva), Bianca Matei (CSS 1 Constanta), Nica Ivanus (CSS Viitorul Cluj), Raluca Dragomir (CSS 1 Timisoara) and Diana Valesareanu (CSSG Focsani)

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