Apr 272013

The Romanian Gymnastics Federation announced the structures of the 3 representative teams training in centers from Onesti, Deva and Izvorani. To begin with let’s meet the young girls training at Onesti Junior Center. They are all 2001 born gymnasts eligible for the 2020 Olympic Games.


Andra Ana-Maria Anghelescu

Andra Anghelescu, athlete representing CSS 7 Dinamo Bucharest club, where she training with Larisa Iordache’s former coach, Mariana Cimpeanu Silisteanu, is an elegant gymnast, with ballerina like style but also with promising technical abilities especially for uneven bars.  She has yet to gain competition consistency.


Beatrice Andreea Butunoi

Beatrice Butunoi comes from the same club, CSS Galati, and has prepared with the same coaches, Agripina and Paul Galea, as world champion Ana Porgras. Beatrice is an explosive, dynamic gymnast, charming and charismatic, her soft spot, maybe the only one, being the competition nerves.

Beti, charming on floor


Kathlen Anisoara Coman

Kathlen Coman is part of a great generation of athletes from Farul Constanta, she is a tiny but energetic, strong and determined gymnast. Once she gains more difficulty she’ll become very competitive..


Corina Andreea Gaianu

Corina Gaianu, the most successful gymnast of Farul Constanta in 2012, national all-around champion of her age category,  is a consistent, balanced and elegant gymnast with a self-confidence worthy of a great champion. She is highly gifted with abilities for all 4 events.


Carmen Florentina GlavanCarmen Glavan, the most artistic of  Farul gymnasts, sets herself apart through elegance, flexibility and amplitude. She performs complex routines on all apparatus but needs to work more on consistency.


Rachel IlieRachel Ilie, representing CSM Onesti club, where she trained with Ileana Hrisca, Eugen Grosu and Ioana Grava, is a powerful and dynamic gymnast having both artistic and acrobatic qualities. With more attention to uneven bars she may challenge the all-around national podiums.


Georgiana JuravleGeorgiana Juravle, from Farul Constanta, trained by Florin Uzum, Camelia Voinea and Olimpia Popa has the most complex skills repertoire in her age category, performing confidently difficult elements. She is an homogenous gymnast, only needing improvement in her artistic presentation.


Alexandra PirghieAlexandra Parghie, the second gymnast representing CSM Onesti, training colleague of Rachel, is a balanced gymnast, good on all 4 apparatus but especially gifted for uneven bars. She needs to gain more difficulty in order to threat the national podiums.


Ana Maria Pasa Ana Maria Pasa, yet another artist of Farul club, is a charismatic, expressive gymnast, capable of improving on all events, having also the energy to achieve it rapidly.


Roberta PlesaRoberta Plesa comes from CSS Triumf where she trained with the great coaches Marilena and Benoni Pereteanu. She excels on uneven bars, being the best in her age category but she is competitive on the other apparatus as well.


Except for Ioana Radu Georgiana Juravle, all the other gymnasts coming from  CS Farul were trained in Constanta by Clementa Garabet, Remus Nicolai and Daniela Maranduca Nicolai. This is Ioana Radu‘s case  as well, a consistent and  polished little gymnast. She is the quiet achiever of the group and we should expect nice surprises from her.


These young hopefuls are prepared at the National Center by : Benoni Pereteanu – head coach (CSS Triumf Bucharest), Daniela Maranduca Nicolai (CS Farul Constanta) and Remus Nicolai (CS Farul Constanta).

Oct 022012

Roberta Plesa9

General Info

Name: Roberta Plesa
Born 5 April 2001
Club: CSS Triumf Bucharest
Club coaches: Benoni Pereteanu, Marilena Pereteanu
Onesti Junior National Team member (2013 – 2014)
Onesti Junior National Team coaches: Daniela Maranduca Nicolai, Remus Nicolai, Benoni Pereteanu (head coach)
Deva Junior National Team member since August 2014
Deva Junior National Team coaches: Liliana Cosma, Florin Cotutiu, Nicolae Forminte (head coach), Ramona Micu, Daniela Maranduca Nicolai, Remus Nicolai, choreographer Corina Dorean

Competition Results

  • 2014: Junior Team Nationals – 10th AA score (category II, level 4)
  • 2013: Junior Team Nationals – 3rd AA score (category III, level 4); Junior Individual Nationals – 1st place UB (category III, level 4)
  • 2012Junior Team Nationals – 6th AA score (category III, level 3); Junior Individual Nationals – 8th place AA, 4th place UB (category III, level 3)
  • 2011“Little Gymnast” Nationals – 13th place AA, 3rd place UB (category IV, level 2)
  • 2010: “Little Gymnast” Nationals – 6th place with team CSS Triumf Bucharest, 28th place AA (category IV, level 1)

Photo Gallery

  • 2013 Junior Team Nationals, Onesti (© Dan Mares)
  • 2012 Junior Individual Nationals, Deva (© Dan Mares)