Jan 302014

As expected, CSS Barlad opened the 2014 competitive year with many shiny medals at this year’s Grand Prix de Nimes held on January 18th.

CSS Barlad

The young successful  gymnasts are : Denisa Spanache, Daniela Trica, Teodora Grigore, Maria Lupu, Teodora Manolache, Ștefania Vârlan  and Madalina Neagu. The team composed of Daniela Trica, Teodora Grigore, Maria Lupu, Teodora Manolache and Stefania Varlan (coaches Liviu and Ana Maria Iordache) won the Coupe de la Ville de Nimes trophy, also dominating the individual all-around rankings: gold medal for Maria Lupu, silver medal for Daniela Trica, bronze medal for Stefania Varlan, 4th place for Teodora Manolache and 7th place for  Teodora Grigore. The very young hopeful (she is just 8 years old) Denisa Spanache (coaches Liviu and Ana Maria Iordache), at her very first competition succeeded a very promising 6th place finish in her age category while the vetearn Madalina Neagu (coached by Ionita Chirila) was 4th in the Challenge Maurice Nolhac section.

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