Oct 032012

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General Info

Name: Adelina Andreea Ciobotaru
Born 1 December 2002
Focsani, Vrancea
Club: CSSG Focsani
Coach: Carmen Smeu

Competition Results

  • 2014: Schools Nationals – 3rd place with team CSSG Focsani, 13th place AA, 5th place VT (3 apparatus participation, category II, level 4); Junior Team nationals – 28th AA score (category II, level 4)
  • 2013Schools Nationals – 12th place AA, 8th place VT and FX (category III, level 3); Junior Team nationals – 6th place with team CSSG Focsani, 21st AA score  (category III, level 3); Junior Individual Nationals – 19th place AA, 8th place VT (category III, level 3)
  • 2012: Schools Nationals – 6th place AA, 1st place VT (category IV, level 1); “Little Gymnast” Nationals – 10th place AA, 1st place BB, 5th place FX, 6th place VT (category IV, level 1)

Photo Gallery

  • 2013 Junior Team Nationals, Onesti (© Dan Mares)
  • 2012 CSM Onesti Cup (© Dan Mares)