Apr 242018

Madalina Mistode
Name: Madalina Mistode
Birthday: 15 September 2006
Club: CSA Steaua Bucharest
ACoaches: Angela Cacoveanu, Catalina Marchidanu, Sebastian Nemes, Benoni Pereteanu, coreographer Mariana Ristea

Competition Results

  • 2017: Junior Team Nationals – 4th place with team CSA Steaua Bucharest, 20th AA score (category II, level 3); Junior Individual Nationals – 6th place AA, 6th place FX, 8th place UB and BB (category II, level 3)
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Jul 132016

Alexandra Stefan
General Info

Name: Alexandra Stefan
Born: 2006
Club: CS Petrolul Ploiesti
Coaches: Livia Costache
Current status: retired

Competition Results

  • 2015: “Little Gymnast” Nationals – 8th place with team CS Petrolul Ploiesti, 58th place AA (category III, level 1)
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Jun 302016

Maria Orheanu
General Info

Name: Maria Orheanu
Born: 15 September 2006
Club: CSM Onesti
Coach: Ileana Hrisca
Current status: retired

Competition Results

  • 2016: “Little Gymnast” Nationals – 8th place with team CSM Onesti, 37th place AA (category III, level 2)
  • 2015: “Little Gymnast” Nationals – 10th place with team CSM Onesti, 52nd place AA (category III, level 1)
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Jun 272016

Alexandra Carstean
General Info

Name: Andreea Alexandra Carstean
Born: 2006
Club: CS Nadia Comaneci Onesti
Coaches: Tabita Trandafir
Current status: retired

Competition Results

  • 2016: School Nationals – 22nd place AA (category III, level 2); “Little Gymnast” Nationals – 40th place AA (category III, level 2)
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Jun 242016

We’ve seen the little ones, now let’s take a glimpse at the more advanced competitors of the OMV Petrom Cup.

The first advanced group was destined to 9 and 10 year olds – Advanced I
Sabrina Maneca of CS Farul Constanta was the great winner of this section, delighting the audience with difficult skills and incredible consistency for her age (9 year old)

Runner-up Roberta Radu, a tiny gymnast from CSS Dinamo showed off good presentation and consistency.

Third was Focsani’s Rut Damian a ten year old who is constantly improving from competition to competition.

The following all-around top finishers were Iasmina (Nina) Neacsu, the tiny talent from Arad; Amalia Puflea, Barald’s hopeful Ana Maria Barbosu, the multiple champion of Focsani; Eva Mircioaga, the new Dinamo artist; Erika Leonida, the most promising little star of CSA Steaua; Adelina Alexandru, the little “Nadia”-look alike from Galati; Amalia Petre, the elegant “ballerina” from Constanta; Ella Oprea, the talented champion of CS Dinamo and other talented gymnats: Adina Sapatoru, Iulia Trestianu, Patricia Rusu, Ana Turcu, Timeea Crisan, Andreea Preda, Andreea Palade, Erika Mirgoace, Bianca Cretu, Daria Goina, Denisa Mogos, Ana Marioara, Paula Crisan, Bianca Costea, Monica Ilie.

More videos from “advanced I”:

In the “Advanced II”  section (11 and 12 year olds) the all-around tittle went to  Luiza Popa of Farul Constanta.

Not far behind was her teammate Corina Petre.

Third was the new bars specialist from Arad, Daria Berar.

Very close to the podium was another Constanta native, Maria (Mara) Ceplinschi of CS Farul.

On the following ranks – Cristina Vesa, Alina Craciun, Gabriela Toader, Anne Mary Micu, Eliseea Serbanescu, Raluca Lozneanu, Iris Tudorache, Emilia Munteanu, Alexandra Patriche, Iohana Pasere, Bianca Dorobantu, Andreea Digniri, Dalia Nita, Alicia Morosan – all promising young athletes.

More videos from ”advanced II”:

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Jun 242016

The massive selection process and training program initiated by Bellu and Bitang two years ago had its first big test - the OMV Petrom Cup, a competition opened only to young girls beginners or advanced , sponsored through the Petrom program “Tara, Tara vrem campioane”.

Our first look is set on the beginners: 2008-2009  and 2006-2007 born girls.

Beginnres I

This was the age group of 7 and 8 year olds, a group that we usually don’t see in national events. Good opportunity for us to see how things are progressing towards the first competition level that we are used to.

Absolute winner was Timisoara’s 8 year old, Erica Gogoase, an already refined little athlete:

A group of four  CSS Barlad gymnasts followed her in the hierarchy, Lorena Popa, Ilinca Balan, Ioana Balan, Bianca Balan (no family relation between the  3 Balan). based on these individual results, it’s most likely that CSS Barlad would have won the team competition had it not been for the slight injury and forfeit of the fifth team member.

The title went  to CSS 1 Constanta 1 whose star athlete was Alexandra Florea, a6th in the all around ranking. The other members were Adelina Nour (9th all-around), Teodora Stoian (10th all-around), Bianca Voicu (beam champion) and Alexandra Marin.

Not far behind was CSS Dinamo Bucuresti team with  Adelina Ionescu (beam champion) and Ana Violeta Vataselu in the individual top 10 and  Cristina Mamele (bars champion), Ana Chisar and Alexia Dinu in top 20.

Bronze went to CSS 1 Timisoara for which competed champion Erica Gogoase and teammates  Julia Avram, Patricia Botizan, Iulia Crainic and Rebeca Cerbe.

Beginners II

This section was opened to 9 and 10 year olds.

especially beautiful and highly acclaimed was Timisoara’s  Amalia Ghigoarta, a very elegant 9 year old. She certainly is one to watch for the future.
Here she is on floor, delighting the audience and even Mariana Bitang:

And equally gorgeous on beam:

Team and podium mate, vice-champion, Ana Maria Polhac was also very entertaining on floor:

Third was  Deva’s Abigail Condrei and forth  Constanta’s Ionela Vasile.

Top 10 was completed by Roberta Furcoi (CSS Barlad), Stefania Calitu (Dinamo Bucuresti), Rebeca Danci (Dinamo Bucharest), Denisa Cioc (CSS 1 Constanta), Bianca Atanasoaie (Dinamo Bucharest) and Madalina Mistode (CSA Steaua Bucharest)

In the team competition the  gold medal went to CSS 1 Timisoara (Amalia Ghigoarta, Ana Maria Polhac, Fernanda Andrei, Denisa Mindrut, Larisa Dumitriu), second was Dinamo Bucharest (Stefania Calitu, Rebeca Danci, Bianca Atanasoaie, Bianca Pata, Anelis Barbu) and third CSS 1 Constanta  (Ionela Vasile, Denisa Cioc, Ana Lala, Alexandra Panait, Catalina Popescu)

So, a lot of new names for the future! Now, let’s take care of them!

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Jun 242016

Denisa Darie
General Info

Name: Denisa Darie
Born: 2006
Club: CSS Galati
Coaches: Agripina Galea, Todorel Lovin

Competition Results

  • 2015: “Little Gymnast” Nationals – 60th place AA (category III, level 1)
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Jun 242016

Buzau was once again the host for our little gymnasts at their national competition.

Here are a few of the event highlights

Level 1

The preceding competitions announced a tight battle between the stars of the two Dinamo clubs and the little Barlad native Amalia Puflea. It was CS Dinamo’s Ella Oprea turn to shine and she did shine bright. She also won all the gold medals in the event finals. The most impressive she was on bars:

Amalia Puflea, Barald’s hopeful – a “mini Andreea Raducan” – was second all around and also added three event final medals.
Here she is below in a recording from “Cupa Andreea Raducan” where she was the “golden one”:

Other two Dinamo girls, this time from the school club (CSS Dinamo) were remarkable in the all around – Eva Mircioaga third, a little artist – here on floor at “Cupa Nadia Comaneci” and Roberta Radu forth – a complete gymnast, winning three other individual medals in Buzau (one of them gold) – here on bars
But one can’t overlook Sabrina Maneca, one of the most talented gymnasts in the age group, hampered here, results-wise, by the level 1 skill restrictions – she is capable of a lot more. Here she settled for bronze on floor.
Among event medalists: Alecsia Savu (CSS Buzau)– silver on beam and Erika Traicu (CS Farul)– bronze on vault/a> and amoung individual top rankers: Ana Marioara – CS Dinamo, Mara Matei – CS Petrolul, Amalia Iovanut – Palatul Copiilor Timisoara, Andreea Toma – CSS 1 Constanta.

Level 2

In this age group the title was decided between last year’s champion – Miruna Cazan and Focsani native, Ana Maria Barbosu. It was a close battle with Miruna as winner. The two of them also took home the apparatus gold medals – two for each.
Miruna was imperial on beam

While Ana was unbeatable on bars

Erika Leonida of CSA Steaua was third all-around, also scoring high on bars.
CSSG Focsani team depth was proven by great results from another two hopefuls Rut Damian and Iulia Trestianu, top AA scorers and multiple medalists on the event finals.
Arad was again on top with silver for the team and individual medals for Iasmina Neacsu (bars and beam) and Daria Goina (beam).
Remarkable efforts came from other athletes as well Alexandra Duzi – CS Farul (here on floor), Evelina Oprea and Amalia Petre – CSS1 Constanta, Monica Ilie – CSS Dinamo, Teofana Gafita – CS Dinamo, Gabriela Furak – Palatul Copiilor Timisoara

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Jun 242016

Anne Marie Mocanu
General Info

Name: Anne Marie Mocanu
Born: 1 August 2006
Club: SCM Bacau
Coaches: Mihaela Bucur, Alexandra Tala

Competition Results

  • 2015: “Little Gymnast” Nationals – 9th place with team SCM Bacau, 54th place AA (category III, level 1)


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Jun 242016

Ana Maria Rotaru
General Info

Name: Ana Maria Roatru
Bon: 2005
Club: CSS Dinamo Bucharest
Coaches: Mariana Cimpeanu-Silisteanu, Marius Gavriloaie, Adriana Musat

Competition Results

  • 2016: School Nationals – 1st place with team CSS Dinamo Bucharest, 6th place AA, 3rd place VT, 6th place UB, 7th place FX (category II, level 3); Junior Team Nationals – 14th AA score (category II, level 3)

Photo Gallery

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