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Cristina Plaiasu
General Info

Name: Cristina Plaiasu
Born: 22 Mai 2006
Club: CSS Buzau

Competition Results

  • 2015: School Nationals – 23rd place AA (category III, level 1); “Little Gymnast” Nationals – 34th place AA (category III, level 1)

Photo Gallery

  • 2015 “Little Gymnast” Nationals, Buzau (© Dan Mares)
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Nov 222014
Name Club
Albu Anisia CSS Sibiu
Baldovin Jamie CSSG Focsani
Baleanu Alexandra CS Petrolul Ploiesti
Beidaut Karla CSS 1 Constanta
Berar Daria CSM Arad
Berindei Bianca CSS Viitorul Cluj
Bica Daniela CSS Steaua Bucharest
Cadar Narcisa SCM Bacau
Caplan Nicoleta CSS 1 Constanta
Cenusa Georgiana CS Farul Constanta
Citireag Iustina CSA Steaua Bucharest
Cojan Alexia CS Farul Constanta
Constantin Andreea CSSG Focsani
Constantinescu Delia CS Farul Constanta
Craciun Alina CSSG Focsani
Dorobantu Bianca CSS Steaua Bucharest
Flueras Ariana CSS Viitorul Cluj
Georgescu Alexia CSS Sibiu
Huma Ana Raluca CS Nadia Comaneci Onesti
Jenariu Iulia CNS Cetate Deva
Karagiorgos Sevasti CSS 2 Bucharest
Lozneanu Raluca CSSG Focsani
Luca Sara CSM Onesti
Lupsa Iana CSM Arad
Marin Alice SCM Bacau
Matei Mihaela CSM Onesti
Micu Anne Mary CSS 2 Bucharest
Morosan Alicia CSS Steaua Bucharest
Munteanu Maria CSS 2 Bucharest
Neacsu Cristina CSS 2 Bucharest
Nita Dalia CSS Steaua Bucharest
Oltean Adnana CSS Viitorul Cluj
Oprea Oana CSS 1 Constanta
Osman Melisa CS Farul Constanta
Panainte Beatrice CSS Buzau
Pascu Denisa SCM Bacau
Patrascu Adela CS Farul Constanta
Petcu Miruna CS Nadia Comaneci Onesti
Petre Corina CS Farul Constanta
Petrov Nicola CSS 2 Bucharest
Popa Daria CS Petrolul Ploiesti
Popa Luiza CS Farul Constanta
Popita Daria CSS Viitorul Cluj
Puiu Cristina CSSG Focsani
Rotaru Ana Maria CSS Dinamo Bucharest
Rozovlean Raisa CSS 1 Timisoara
Sabo Sara CSS Viitorul Cluj
Scarlat Larisa CSM Onesti
Serbanescu Eliseea CSS Dinamo Bucharest
Stanca Miruna CSS Steaua Bucharest
Stanciu Daria CSS 2 Bucharest
Stoica Bianca CS Petrolul Ploiesti
Suiu Larisa CS Dinamo Bucharest
Tanase Alexandra CS Farul Constanta
Todea Alexandra CSS 1 Constanta
Tutuianu Ana Maria CS Farul Constanta
Tuvene Delia CSSG Focsani
Velican Alexia CNS Cetate Deva
Vesa Cristina CSM Arad


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Aug 092014


Her first coach was Mariana Cimpeanu, the same coach who discovered Larisa Iordache. Like Larisa, she impressed us first on beam but as the time went by we realized that she is a complete gymnast.  She will become senior in 2016 but she is already well known in the gymnastics world as she has some valuable routines that include difficult skills such as: a full-in dismount, Pak salto and a Ginger release on uneven bars (all D value), full in (E value) on floor, a layout salto and  a double  pike dismount on beam (value E). And her talent does not stop here, Andra is a real dancer on the floor, she sings and draws beautifully.

* * *Andra4

You can read below a short interview with Andra Stoica:

Dinamo, Onesti, Deva and now Izvorani national team, how did these experiences change you, what did you learn?

These four periods of my life helped me become more mature and discover the real face of this sport.

 In May, at Euros, you did not compete on bars, but you still train bars, don’t you?

I am training bars, I am trying to learn some new elements and to improve my execution.

 In Sofia, at Euros you watched the uneven bars junior final from the stands where the Romanian fans were camped and I remember you noticed that all the finalists had Shaposhnikova type elements in their routines. Do you plan to include such a skill in your uneven bars routine? (there are only a handful of Romanian gymnasts to ever perform this skill)

AAndra1 lot of gymnasts are doing this element and it is one of my favorites, I hope to include it in my routine someday.

 Last year at Nationals you impressed with a great performance on floor, we know that the routine was choreographed by Adriana Pop (one of the best choreographers in the World), how did you feel working with her?

It was an experience that I enjoyed very much, having the chance to see her dancing and  to learn all those moves from her.

 At Euros you had the chance to see some big names (Mustafina, Becky Downie, Anna Pavlova , Vanessa Ferari) and some big hopes (Melnikova, Seda, Ellie Downie, Lyons, etc). Did notice or like something in particular about them (an element, a combination)?

I was impressed by Mustafina’s elegance, Becky’s uneven bars connections (like Shaposh  + HindorAndra6ff). In the juniors field I liked Seda’s beam routine and Daria’s bars routine.

You have a wonderful voice, you draw beautifully, what other things do you like to do in your spare time?

Most of the time I sing but I also like to read, to watch tutorials on how to be more organized and  try to put them in practice… and not to forget I also like shopping.

 What is your favorite leotard?

My favorite leotard is the red one that I wore last year at Nationals in the event finals.

Next year EYOF  and in two years Rio. What do you plan to accomplish by then?

I want to stay healthy so I can increase my difficulty and improve my execution.

May 212014

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In Sofia, between 12 and 18 May the 30th edition of the European Women Gymnastics Championships wrote its story. The medal record is already history: gold for the senior team (Larisa Iordache, Diana Bulimar, Andreea Munteanu, Stefnia Stanila and Silvia Zarzu), gold on floor, silver on beam, bronze on vault and 6th place on uneven bars for Larisa Iordache, 4th place on floor for Diana Bulimar, bronze for the junior team(Laura Jurca, Andreea Iridon, Anda Butuc, Andreea Ciurusniuc and Andra Stoica), silver in the all-around, silver on vault and 5th place on floor for Laura Jurca, silver on beam, silver on floor, 6th place in the all-around for Andreea Iridon and 6th place on beam for Anda Butuc.

Although a very productive Euro edition for team Romania we have to think of it as just a step to the bigger goal: a medal at the upcoming Olympic Games. Hopefully the beautiful moment from Sofia will turn out to be a just the beginning of a long line of successes.

Puzzle team was present body and soul in Sofia both in the media space and in the supporters’ area. As we couldn’t stay away, our hearts beat with and for them in all those moments. Results are history and memories we will keep with us forever. We want to share with you some of the special moments the Romanian fans have experienced at these Euros. Here are the gymnasts for whom the Romanian fans sighed for with emotion, joy, regret or indignation:

Romania’s senior team (Unstoppable in the team final)

Romania’s junior team (Overcoming beginners nerves and lack of experience )

Laura Jurca (Managing an extremely difficult moment on the uneven bars)

Andreea Iridon (So close to gold. The fans believed in it: “Bravo Andreea!, Bravo Andreea!…)

Larisa Iordache (Best gymnast in Sofia)

 Roxana Popa (We are so proud of her!  “Hai Roxana, Hai Roxana!..”)

Noemi Makra (So beautiful and so underrated… Romanian fans loved her!)

Anna Pavlova (Impossible not to love Anna Pavlova! “Davai Anna!”)

Becky Downie (A much expected medal. Romanian fans appreciated her value.)

Maike Enderle (German girls were favorites in the UB junior final)

Claudia Fragapane (Appreciating even the most dangerous competitors)

May 112014

When she was only 12 years old she impressed us with a routine, at uneven bars, which included a ginger release and tsukahara dismount. Now she is andreea2 almost 14 years old and she added in her routines a Jaeger (at uneven bars), a salto bwd stretched with legs together (at balance beam) and a wip + 5/2 twist (at floor). She has the same name as two great Romanian gymnasts (Daniela Silivas and Andreea Raducan) and was born in same day as Alexei Nemov (a Russian gymnast who won 12 Olympic medals). Her name is Andreea Daniela Cisurusniuc and she is one of Romania’s biggest hopes for Rio.

* * *

1. Andreea or Daniela? Do you have a nickname?


2. How did you start doing gymnastics and what do you remember about your first days in the gym?Andreea1

I don’t remember much about my first days in the gym, but I do remember that a man came at the kindergarten once and gave us some flyers about gymnastics. I went with them home and asked my father if he could sign me in for gymnastics, he agree and I start doing gymnastics for fun. Who could predict that I am going to be elite?

C3. When you are competing to you like to hear your fans or you prefer to be quiet in the hall?

When I am competing I don’t enjoy hearing many noises in the background but neither to be very quite in the hall. To be honest it doesn’t matter very much because in a competition you have to think only at your routine and nothing else. But after I finish my routine I enjoy hearing the crowd.

Last year andreea4at nationals you were crying after you performed on vault (I think your ankle was hurting) but in the end you finished the competition with a huge smile on your face like a true champion. How do you manage to overcome this situation, what are you thinking at?

There is nothing special to think about in this situation, but you have to think at something beautiful and to forget about the pain.

C5. What is your favorite event and where do you wish to improve most in the future?

My favorite event is uneven bars, I feel this is where I have grown the most, but I want to work cleaner even if it is hard to do this.

6. We noticed you at 2012 Junior Nationals where at only 12 years you had a routine at uneven bars which included a ginger release and tsukahara dismount, do you think that with your generation Andreea5 this event will stop being Romanian’s weakest event? Can we hope to see in the future in your routines rarely done skills by Romanian gymnasts (shaposhnikova, korkina or a tsukahara layout dismount)?

I don’t know what to say about shporsknikova, I am currently working at a routine which includes straddled jaeger, piked jaeger and ginger between bars, as for dismount I don’t think I will work to a tsukahara layout but maybe something else.

How do you spend your free time?

I enjoy surfing on the Internet and also doing origami.

What are your plans for the future?

Well first of all I hope to remain healthy and we will see after, but as every gymnast I hope to participate to the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Apr 102014



She is the real proof that hard work and  tenacity do not go unrewarded. After a serious injury she gets back to the national team from Deva in 2013 and just a few months later she wins the bronze medal on vault at National Championships, vaulting a clean full twisting Yurchenko. Her name is Ioana Coman and she is one of  Romania’s hopefuls for Rio.

Below you can read an inspiring interview with Ioana.

* * *

  1. Could you please tell us how and when the adventure called “gymnastics” started for you?

It all started when my mum took me to  rhythmic gymnastics classes during the 2004 Olympics. I recall  watching artistic gymnastics on TV and being so proud that I was also doing gymnastics, but it was confusing to me to see  that I wasn’t doing  the same things as the girls on TV, I wanted to do the same things. My mum explained to me that I was doing another type of gymnastics. She then took me to an artistic gymnastics  class which  I enjoyed a lot. When she asked me if  I like it better there, I said a very confident “yes” and this is how it all began.

  1. 2. In 2011 you were selected to be part of the national team in Deva but because of an injury you’ve been forced to take a break and return later in 2013 in the national team, what were the easy parts and what were the hard  parts for you when you got back to the team?

In the beginning t was hard to adapt to the new program but I managed to readjust quickly. It was easy to overcome the homesickness because I have here a great new family with me composed of my colleagues and my coaches. But the hardest thing was to realize how much my teammates had progressed during the year that I missed and how much I had to work to be able to catch up. But in the end I managed to overcome everything because it was the second time I was going through this, I already knew what centralized training means and I had the coaches by my side which helped me a lot.

3. What made you remain strong and ambitious after the injury and help you continue to fight even though at some point you must have felt as if sailing against the wind?


First of all my parents helped me a lot by just being there for me all the time and I want to thanks them a lot for this, secondly my personal ambition to get back from where I left of and thirdly there were all these very optimistic people beside me that gave me theirs optimism.

I remember being at a doctor’s visit where I was asked how many hours I train daily. When the doctor heard I was training 5 hour every day he said:  “Congratulations! There are many grown-ups  who do not work 5 hours a day”. I don’t want to become like those people, I want to do something good with my life, on my own. I am sure that gymnastics will help me reach my goals.

4. There are a few gymnasts that reinvent themselves on apparatuses that weren’t their strong ones (Sandra Izabsa became Olympic champion on vault, Mustafina became world champion on balance beam), did you ever feel after your return that there is an apparatus on which you could be better than you ever hoped to be?

Yes, I was surprised to notice that I was progressing rapidly on vault. Because of my knee injury I did not expect to be doing so well on vault. I want to thank my vault couch who believed in me and had the patience and tact to teach me how to improve my vaults.

5. In which event do you wish to improve more in the near future?

I hope to improve on vault, I want to learn a more difficult vault like a  double twisting Yurchenko and why not a 2.5 twisting Yurchenko.

6. Imagine that an unknown person, someone’s mother is asking you what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a child in elite gymnastics. What would you say to her?


Of course there are a lot advantages like having an active and healthy lifestyle, a better education, a better perception of responsibility and  probably the most important thing is having the chance go to the Olympics. Why not? Everything is possible. Indeed there are also a lot of disadvantages like health issues and injuries (artistic gymnastics is not an easy sport). Another disadvantage is that if you want to be elite you’ll have to leave your family and move to one of the national teams where the parents will only visit you from time to time (depending on their financial situation) and also once you are there the school is not a priority which is ok for an elite athlete but if you quit at some point there is a lot to catch up.

Now after 10 years of gymnastics, I can say that there are more advantages than disadvantages. This sport gave me an education, made me more responsible and helped me  to  better appreciate what a parent does for his child. Gymnastics gives you big satisfactions, that feeling that you experience when you receive a medal is something unique, but greater than that is the people’s appreciation, the belief that you made your coaches proud, the certainty  that all the hard work was not in vain.


7. How do you spend your free time?

I spend most of my free time doing my homework and trying to understand what I have learned in school in that day. When I don’t have homework,  in week-end, I watch movies with my teammates, I clean up  my room and if it’s  beautiful, sunny day  I go out with my teammates.

8. What do you think you will be doing in ten years from now?

In ten years from now I will still be in the gym, not as athlete but as coach. After I give up to gymnastics I want to became a coach. I will be in the gym to help the next generations reach their goals.



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Mar 172014

Last week the Romanian Gymnastics Federation has made public the nominal structure of the national training teams.

Among the unexpected, undesirable absences is talented junior Madalina Blendea, the gymnast that made us think there is still hope for Romanian bars future. The recurring health issues that she dealt with over the last year must have taken their toll leaving Madalina with no choice but to retire.

Another unfortunate absence is the name of Diana Damian one of the leaders of the 2000 generation.

Other absents, Teea Milea, Malina Milea, Laura Tofan and Raluca Brutaru have returned to their home clubs and continue to train there.


On a happier note we do have some new additions to the national teams. Thus, Emanuela Parva, Andrada Carciun and Denisa Stanciu have been given the chance to shine, being selected for Deva Junior National Team while the young hopefuls (2002 born) Laura Iacob, Alina Nicolae and Daniela Dumitrascu are now part of Onesti Junior National Team. Good luck to them all!


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Mar 042014

1403462_10152421489978662_1290401134_oSydney 2000 – Claudia Presecan and Loredana Boboc

Athens 2004 – Alexandra Eremia and Silvia Stroescu

Beijing 2008 – Sandra Izbasa

London 2012 – Sandra Izabasa

We don’t yet know the name of the next Olympic champion coming from CSA Steaua Bucharest but we know a few viable candidates. One name to remember is Cristina Vrabie.

Cristina was part of the junior team that represented Romania at Nadia Comaneci International Invitational in the beginning of 2013. The rest of the year was a hard one for her as she had to overcome some serious health problems..

Here is a short interview with the young Olympic hopeful:

* * *

In 2012 you were first selected for Deva Junior National Team and in 2013 you were already included in the Izvorani Olympic Team. How did your life change over the last 2 years?Cris-4

It changed a lot, I went from 6 training sessions per week to 10 sometimes 11  per week. I worked on a lot of upgrades and I started competing in international events.

The most recent great champion of CSA Steaua Bucharest is Sandra Izbasa. How did you feel sharing the gym with her in the last year?

I can’t say I shared the gym with her because we trained in different sessions but I can say that she always was a role model for me.

In the beginning of 2013 you competed at Nadia Comaneci International Invitational. How was this experience for you?

It was an entirely new thing, a big competition, my very first on a podium, the ambiance was very nice.

We know that in the past year you had quite a few health problems that kept you from training. How are you feeling now?

I feel I am getting back in shape to my full capacity. I’ll give it my best to be able to compete and win in this year’s European Junior Championships.

Cris-1In which event do you wish to improve more in the near future?

I wish to perform an errorless FTY.

If there were no music restrictions and you could choose any song you like for your floor routine what would you choose?

I don’t know, I never thought about it this way and I don’t think it would make a difference.

How is Cristina Vrabie outside the gym, how does she spend her free time, what is her favorite school subject, what kind of music she listens to?

I read a lot, I make origami, my favorite subject is math, probably influenced by my mother who is a math teacher, in the sixth grade I participated in a national competition and I finished forth in the county phase.

What are your objectives for 2014?

To participate in the Junior Europeans, to win a medal and to continue training for The Olympics…there are only 2 years left.

Jan 132014

Asiana Li-Da Peng

How would you define the perfection in artistic gymnastics? I would say the vault of an American, the beam of a Romanian, the floor of a Russian and the uneven bars of a Chinese. What you don’t know is that one of the Romanian hopes for Rio has something in her genes that brings her closer to perfection. Her name is Asiana Peng, in a few days she will celebrate her 14th 30337_560070310676757_627291456_nanniversary, she is half Romanian half Chinese and if I didn’t convince you to follow her performance in the future I will add that she was trained in Deva by Adela Popa, Ioan Coroiu (now they are training the junior team in Izvorani), Cristinel Micu and our great champion Gina Gogean.

Asiana is member of the national team, which is currently training at Izvorani, for almost a year and she already made great progress. As blood is thicker than water, we have to mention the progress made by Asi at uneven bars (a Ginger release and a Pak salto, both have D value) and at beam (where this autumn she has shown a back salto with 360 of  F value, in order to understand how hard is this skill you have to know that at beam the value of the elements is rated between A and G, G being the most difficult).

Bellow you can read a short interview with Asiana.

*  *  *

You were only 13 years old when you became a member of the national team and moved to Izvorani,  what were the difficult and the nice things about this change?

I can’t say that this change brought something difficult, but indeed it brought something nice, the fact that I can talk with Larisa as I have so much to learn from her.

At the beginning of 2013 you competed at Nadia’s annual invitational, how was meeting  Nadia and how did you feel competing before her very eyes?


Meeting Nadia was amazing. The fact that she saw me competing and gave me advices meant a lot.

What is your favorite element and what was the element that brought you the highest satisfaction when you succeeded it?

I don’t have a favorite element and I am happy for every element I succeed.

The gymnasts from Romania are known for their beam and floor, the ones from China are known for their beam and uneven bars, what is your favorite apparatus?

I like working at all apparatus, but I enjoy most working at uneven bars.

Do you have a favorite gymnast from China?

Asiana Li-Da Peng

Yes, from China I like most Yang Ylin.

How is Asiana when she is not in the gym, how do you spend time, what’s your favorite movie, what’s your favorite food?

I am sociable person that likes to spend the time relaxing. My favorite movie is “Home Alone” and I don’t have a favorite food.

The coaches that prepared you at your beginning are now with you at Izvorani, but if you were to say something about the ones that have been with you at the club before joining the team at Izvorani, what would you say?

What do you wish to accomplish in 2014?

I wish to be healthy, go to Euros and win a medal.