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Luiza Popa
General Info

Name: Luiza Diana Popa
Born 1 September 2005
Club: CS Farul Constanta
Coaches: Olimpia Flesaru, Florin Uzum, Camelia Voinea
Trains alongside Onesti Junior National team in 2016 (with coaches Raluca Bugner, Ciprian Cretu, Ioana Grava, Florin Uzum)
Deva Junior National Team member since September 2016
Deva Junior National Team coaches: Raluca Bugner (head coach 2016-2017), Gina Gogean (since 2018), Olivian Guga (since 2018), Ramona Micu (2016-2017), Lucian Sandu (head coach since 2018), Sorin Tolteanu (since 2018), Marius Vintila (2016-2017), Florin Uzum (2016-2017), choreographer Madalina Susan (since 2018)

Competition Results

  • 2017: Junior Team Nationals – 1st place with team CS Farul Constanta, 4th AA score (category II, level 4); Junior Individual Nationals – 4th place AA, 3rd place BB, 4th place VT and FX, 8th place UB (category II, level 4)
  • 2016: Junior Team Nationals – 1st place with team CS Farul Constanta, 3rd AA score (category II, level 3); Junior Individual Nationals – 2nd place AA, 1st place VT, 3rd place BB, 5th place FX, 6th place UB (category II, level 3)
  • 2015: “Little Gymnast” Nationals – 2nd place with team CS Farul Constanta I, 1st AA score (category III, level 2); Junior Indivdiaul Nationals – 3rd place AA, 1st place VT, BB and FX (category III, level 2)
  • 2014: “Little Gymnast” Nationals  3rd place with team CS Farul Constanta II, 5th place AA, 1st place FX, 3rd place UB (category III, level 1)

Photo Gallery

  • 2015 Junior Individual Nationals, Deva (© Dan Mares)
  • All-around
  • Event Finals
  • 2015 “Little Gymnast” Nationals, Buzau (© Dan Mares)
  • 2014 Nadia Comaneci Cup, Onesti (© Dan Mares)
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