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The massive selection process and training program initiated by Bellu and Bitang two years ago had its first big test - the OMV Petrom Cup, a competition opened only to young girls beginners or advanced , sponsored through the Petrom program “Tara, Tara vrem campioane”.

Our first look is set on the beginners: 2008-2009  and 2006-2007 born girls.

Beginnres I

This was the age group of 7 and 8 year olds, a group that we usually don’t see in national events. Good opportunity for us to see how things are progressing towards the first competition level that we are used to.

Absolute winner was Timisoara’s 8 year old, Erica Gogoase, an already refined little athlete:

A group of four  CSS Barlad gymnasts followed her in the hierarchy, Lorena Popa, Ilinca Balan, Ioana Balan, Bianca Balan (no family relation between the  3 Balan). based on these individual results, it’s most likely that CSS Barlad would have won the team competition had it not been for the slight injury and forfeit of the fifth team member.

The title went  to CSS 1 Constanta 1 whose star athlete was Alexandra Florea, a6th in the all around ranking. The other members were Adelina Nour (9th all-around), Teodora Stoian (10th all-around), Bianca Voicu (beam champion) and Alexandra Marin.

Not far behind was CSS Dinamo Bucuresti team with  Adelina Ionescu (beam champion) and Ana Violeta Vataselu in the individual top 10 and  Cristina Mamele (bars champion), Ana Chisar and Alexia Dinu in top 20.

Bronze went to CSS 1 Timisoara for which competed champion Erica Gogoase and teammates  Julia Avram, Patricia Botizan, Iulia Crainic and Rebeca Cerbe.

Beginners II

This section was opened to 9 and 10 year olds.

especially beautiful and highly acclaimed was Timisoara’s  Amalia Ghigoarta, a very elegant 9 year old. She certainly is one to watch for the future.
Here she is on floor, delighting the audience and even Mariana Bitang:

And equally gorgeous on beam:

Team and podium mate, vice-champion, Ana Maria Polhac was also very entertaining on floor:

Third was  Deva’s Abigail Condrei and forth  Constanta’s Ionela Vasile.

Top 10 was completed by Roberta Furcoi (CSS Barlad), Stefania Calitu (Dinamo Bucuresti), Rebeca Danci (Dinamo Bucharest), Denisa Cioc (CSS 1 Constanta), Bianca Atanasoaie (Dinamo Bucharest) and Madalina Mistode (CSA Steaua Bucharest)

In the team competition the  gold medal went to CSS 1 Timisoara (Amalia Ghigoarta, Ana Maria Polhac, Fernanda Andrei, Denisa Mindrut, Larisa Dumitriu), second was Dinamo Bucharest (Stefania Calitu, Rebeca Danci, Bianca Atanasoaie, Bianca Pata, Anelis Barbu) and third CSS 1 Constanta  (Ionela Vasile, Denisa Cioc, Ana Lala, Alexandra Panait, Catalina Popescu)

So, a lot of new names for the future! Now, let’s take care of them!

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