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For the first  time in recent years Sfantu Gheorghe was the host of a women’s gymnastics meet, the Junior Team National Championship, the first big junior competition of the year.

The most intense competition was that of juniors II, level 3. 11 and even 10 year olds have competed for a spot in the autumn individual finals, the second big junior meet of the year and of course for team medals. The best team was without a doubt (with an over 7 points lead)  CS Farul Constanta team (Maria Ceplinschi, Delia Constantinescu, Corina Petre, Luiza Popa) with 3 of the gymnasts in the top 5 individual rankings. Second was CSSG Focsani team (Alina Craciun, Rut Damian, Raluca Lozneanu) also a very strong team. For the third place the battle was close between CSS 2 Bucuresti (Sevasti Karagiorgos, Bianca Manache, Anne Mary Micu, Cristina Neacsu) and CSM Arad (Daria Berar, Iasmina Neacsu, Cristina Vesa) and the most consistent got the medal - CSS 2 Bucuresti.

Individually the rankings are lead by Maria (Mara) Ceplinschi. Mara only made her debut in national events last year but she is already a force to be reckoned with – confident and elegant, very powerful and strong.  Second came Alina Craciun, from CSSG Focsani a very promising gymnast with lots of energy. Third and forth were the other two teammates from Farul, Luiza Popa and Corina Petre. A very deserving 5th place went to one of the youngest competitors, ten year old  Miruna Cazan from CS Dinamo.

Among juniors II, level 4 (12-13 year olds), the team winner was also very strong,  CSA Steaua Bucharest (Camelia Anghel, Alexia Borascu, Diana Mandrea, Iris Tudorache) with 3 out of 4 competitors – members of the Junior National Team from Onesti. On second place  came a young and powerful team composed of exclusively club trained gymnasts, the team of  CSS 1 Constanta (Ana Maria Avram, Emilia Munteanu, Alexandra Patriche, Gabriela Toader) and on third place the team from CSM Onesti (Teodora Manolache, Ioana Oprea, Coleen Tataru) with all three components – members of the Junior National team from Onesti..

Individually, the best was Ioana Stanciulescu (CS Farul) with a 3 points lead over second place  Camelia Anghel (CSA Steaua). Third was  Daniela Trica (CSS Barlad) and forth Antonia Duta of CS Dinamo.

For juniors I (14-15 year olds) the rankings were foreseeable with gold medalist CNS Cetate Deva (Ioana Crisan, Olivia Ghiciuc, Denisa Golgota) with 3 European medalists in the team followed by CS Farul Constanta with only 2 competitors but both of them Junior National Team members (Carmen Glavan, Ariadna Stanciu).

Complete Reuslts via romgym.

Some video highlights below:

Ioana Stanciulescu (12 year old) on floor

Miruna Cazan (10 year old) on floor

Denisa Golgota (14 year old) on beam

Roberta Plesa (15 year old) on beam

Antonia Duta (12 year old) on bars

Corina Petre (11 year old) on floor

Daria Berar (11 year old) on bars

Daniela Trica (12 year old) on beam

Ioana Oprea (13 year old) on vault

Mara Ceplinschi (11 year old) on vault

Luiza Popa (11 year old) on beam

Camelia Anghel (13 year old) on floor

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