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Uneven bars being the Achilles heel of Romanian gymnastics is such old and well known news. So much known that judges begin deducting just by seeing the white, blue, yellow, red leotard.

Nevertheless, a slight improvement on bars happened during the recent years. Partly because of the introduction of grips but mostly because of the special attention the apparatus has got, the girls improved on form and execution, some even approaching new type of skills and combinations. Still, the progress is hardly visible because of the new symptom of Romanian gymnastics: inconsistency.

Hard to see a rise where there are so many falls. However, since inconsistency has affected all the apparatuses not just bars, we dare to believe that an improvement on bars is indeed happening.

Recent years junior competitions have shown the special attention that bars started to get.

Here is how it all went down this year.
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Within level 5 (2000-2001), the podium is representative: winner Olivia Cimpian followed by Carmen Ghiciuc and Maria Holbura, three promising bars workers. Other good workers are Georgiana Juravle and Roberta Plesa, although overshadowed by low difficulty or inconsistency.

For level 4 (2002-2003), things are not looking as good even though potential exists. Denisa Golgota, this years’ winner is trying hard to upgrade her work, while bronze medalist Iulia Berar fights to reclaim her specialist status and Camelia Anghel, silver medalist tries to catch her form through rhythm.

Level 3 (2004) brought a breath of fresh air with well trained athletes, like champion Emilia Munteanu, runner-up Miriam Hamenni and bronze medalists Biana Boca and Ioana Stanciulescu

The great expectations are tied to the youngest age group level 2 (2005) and not just because anything seems possible when you are young and enthusiastic but also because they really look good, beginning with medalists:  Daria Berar champion, Anne Mary Micu silver medalist and Alina Craciun bronze medalist and continuing with gymnasts like Alicia Morosan, Cristina Vesa or Maria Ceplinschi, to name just a few.

This is where we salute the shy improvements that are being made and we encourage the system to do even better for the sake of Romanian gymnastics, once a great gymnastics power.

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  1. What about Daniela Ciurusiniuc? She has a decent bar set. Did she not medal?