Nov 122015

This time it’s all about the gymnasts and their work. Not a word about scores and rankings. Often in this sport subjectivity darkens the beauty of competition, so let’s take a look at the recent Junior Nationals without considering the medals.
Here we have some snippets of competition from the youngest divisions: category III, level 2 (10 year olds) and category II, level 3 (11 year olds)

Juniors III, level 2

Here are:

the little Alina Craciun, fearless as usual,

the lively Daria Berar rocking bars,

the precise Luiza Popa, owning the balance beam,

and also Corina Petre, shinning on floor, Alicia Morosan, strong onbars, Anne Mary Micu, in balance with the beam, Cristina Vesa and Maria Ceplinschi simultaneously powerful on floor and vault, Sevasti Karaagiorgos, charming on floor, graceful Larisa Suiu on beam, smiley Larisa Scarlat dancing on floor, Beatrice Panainte, lovely on beam, or Bianca Dorobantu truly performing on floor.

Also, do not miss: Daria Popafloor, Raluca Lozneanu – floor, Delia Constantinescufloor, Alexia Cojanfloor, Dalia Nitafloor. And surely the spectators eye caught more beauty than the camera did.
Juniors II, level 3

Surely you are eager to see again:

Ioana Stanciulescu, as exquisite as always on floor

Daniela Trica, even more in control of the beam

and Antonia Duta, as lively and elegant as ever

But do not miss Silvia Sfiringu on beam, Bianca Boca on floor, Lisa Marchidanu on floor, Alexandra Patriche on floor, Emilia Munteanu on beam, Nicola Pahontu on floor , Miiam Hamenni on beam and Lara Bodnaru Lacatusu on floor.

More to come from the more experienced hopefuls – generations 2003, 2002, 2001 and 2000.

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