Nov 132015

Here are the highlights of the junior competition for the generations 2000 – 2003
Within category I, level 5 we have the 2000-1001 juniors

Some must see routines include:
Alisia Botnaru

Olivia Cimpian

Maria Holbura

Carmen Glavanbeam, Denisa Stanciufloor, Carmen Ghiciucfloor, Georgiana Juravlefloor, Andreea Ciurusniucbeam, Beatrice Butunoibeam, Olivia Cimpianvault

Also thinking of Tokyo we have the girls from category II, level 4, generations 2002 and 2003

The best of them:

Denisa Golgota

Other sparks came from:
Maria Panafloor, Iulia Berarbeam, Camelia Anghel- floor, Ariadna Stanciubeam, Ana Maria Puiufloor.

So, we do have some talented kids. Now let’s see if we can get them to the top.

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  4 Responses to “2015 Junior Nationals. Generation Tokyo”

  1. Hi! Can you post the result of the competitions?

  2. And also, may I know what happened to Crisan and Mihai? I think they are full of potentials but they seems to be missing from this competition? Is there something wrong with them? Or did they just had a bad competition so there is no good routines?