Oct 022015

The year 2015 continues to bring uncertainty to Romanian gymnastics. The biggest alarm trigger is the 0 medal balance of juniors at EYOF 2015, coming from the most talented group of athletes Romania has had in a while.
Although, showing off a good technical level, youngsters Ioana Crisan and Olivia Cimpian, have yielded to nerves and inconsistency.

Here is how it all went:
4th place – team composed of Andreea Ciurusniuc (2000), Ioana Crisan (2001) si Olivia Cimpian (2001)
6th place AA – Ioana Crisan
14th place AA – Olivia Cimpian
6th place BB – Ioana Crisan
7th place FX – Olivia Cimpian

Romania’s most valued routine at EYOF:

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