Oct 092015

In the past recent years, the Romanian Senior Nationals have finally become a classy competition worthy to host some of the best gymnasts in the world: the Romanians.

After a first half of the year, low in medals and high in worries, the 2015 Romanian Nationals have finally raised some hopes.

Despite many absences (with Catalina Ponor, Paula Tudorache, Andreea Munteanu, Stefania Stanila and Dora Vulcan all unavailable) the remaining seniors: Larisa Iordache, Diana Bulimar, Anamaria Ocolisan, Laura Jurca, Andreea Iridon, Silvia Zarzu and Ioana Nicoara have succeeded a good overall performance, without major mistakes. The most acclaimed were: Larisa Iordache, the national champion, coming back from a  long time of  health issues,  Anamaria Ocolisan, all-around runner-up, stepping up on difficulty and performance attitude and Diana Bulimar, the bronze all-around medalist, recovering from a new knee surgery.

High hopes are also attached to young seniors Laura Jurca and Andreea Iridon while all fingers are crossed for the speedy recovery of Olympic champion Catalina Ponor, injured in the Nationals podium training.

The Deva Juniors, aka the Rio hopefuls have confirmed once again all the trust invested in them showing off good difficulty and beautiful lines overall. The standout was little Denisa Golgota, the newly crowned national vault champion.

 Posted by on October 9, 2015