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The end of June 2015 marked the first important national meet for the Romanian juniors – category II and I. Of course Puzzlegym was there and of course we have things to share.

Category II, level 3

This is the age group of 11 year olds. The leading trio from last year, Ioana Stanciulescu, Antonia Duta and Daniela Trica confirmed once again their superiority.

Here is Ioana being beautiful on floor,

Antonia rocking bars and Dana dominating beam.

Rising talents like Miriam HamenniEmilia Munteanu, Alexandra Patriche, Lara Bodnaru Lacatusu, Lisa Marchidanu or Valentina Gondos also made a wonderful impresiion. Silvia Sfiringu, Nicola Pahontu, Andreea Tudor, Ana Stefan, Ana Maria Avram, Gabriela Toader, Diana Harabagiu and Andreea Digniri aslo need to be mentioned.

The medalists were: CSS 1 Constanta, gold winners (Ana Maria Avram, Emilia Munteanu, Alexandra Patriche, Gabriela Toader); CNS Cetate Deva, silver winners (Valentina Borca, Delia Burileanu, Larisa Ilies, Alesia Matu Cosca) and CSSG Focsani, bronze winners (Andreea Constantin, Denisa Manole, Iohana Pasere).

Category II, level 4

Within this age group of 12 and 13 year olds, the hierarchy was: CSM Onesti, gold medal (Laura Iacob, Teodora Manolache, Ioana Oprea, Coleen Tataru); CSA Steaua Bucuresti silver medal (Andra Andriuca, Camelia Anghel, Alexia Borascu, Diana Mandrea) and CSSG Focsani, bronze medal (Adelina Ciobotaru, Teodora Patrascu, Ana Maria Puiu).

The best performer was undoubtfully  Denisa Golgota (13 years old):

The 12 year old super-talents  Camelia Anghel and Iulia Berar followed her in a tied second place.

One of the most promising 13 year olds, Laura Iacob finished forth, having counted a few mistakes, but showed off good difficulty and beautiful execution overall.

Maria Pana, Ana Maria Puiu, Ioana Oprea, Alexia Borascu and Coleen Tataru were among the bests while Ariadna Stanciu, Diana Mandrea, Teodora Manolache, Elena Burlacu, Bianca Matei looked likewise promising.

Category II, level 5

Being the age group of the future seniors (14 and 15 year olds), this was the most interesting category.

The medalists: CNS Cetate Deva II, gold (Olivia Cimpian, Ioana Crisan, Carmen Ghiciuc); CS Farul Constanta, silver (Corina Gaianu, Carmen Glavan, Georgiana Juravle) and CNS Cetate Deva I, bronze (Alisia Botnaru, Adela Florea, Denisa Florea).

Ioana Crisan, and Olivia Cimpian,  dominated the all round, surpassing Euro medalist,  Andreea Ciurusniuc.

Carmen Ghiciuc was the surprise of the competition, being the best bars worker:

Maria Holbura, Alexandra Mihai, Alisia Botnaru, Georgina Juravle, Carmen Glavan, Corina Gaianu, Beatrice Butunoi, Denisa Stanciu, Stefania Orzu, Denisa Florea, Roberta Plesa, Andra Anghelscu, Anda Butuc were all delightful to watch!


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