Jun 082015

30 May 2015 was gymnastically marked by Romanian participations in the international events from  Torino (Four Nations Trophy) and Lugano (City Trophy).

Romanian team, competing against Russia, Italy and Columbia in the Torino Tournament was composed of seniors Andreea Iridon, Laura Jurca, Anamaria Ocolisan, Silvia Zarzu and junior Andreea Ciurusniuc. Diana Bulimar, also present at Torino, did not compete due to medical reasons. Even in the absence of the big names (Iordache, Munteanu, Bulimar) Romania was still a favorite for the top spot.  Yet, the team performances were modest, marked by hesitations and mistakes. The most consistent performer was junior  Andreea Ciurusniuc, while the top scorer (despite mistakes) was  Laura Jurca. The team finished third behind Russia and Italy.

The day continued with the Romanian participations in Lugano Trophy. Carmen Ghiciuc and Alisia Botnmaru finished 5th and 7th, rankings explained by their yet low difficulty level and reduced international experience.

Although not a very fruitful day for Romania, we stubbornly consider it to be just a milestone for future successes.

 Posted by on June 8, 2015