Jun 122015

Saturday, 6 June 2015, CSS 2 Bucharest athletes participated in an international competition, already traditional for them, “Danube Little Stars”. The event, held in Ruse, Bulgaria and destined to young athletes was a good opportunity for the gymnasts to verify their level and value.

Bucharest girls dominated all the age categories, placing as follows:

Bianca Manache 1st place, Cristina Neacsu 2nd place

Sevasti Karagiorgos 1st place, Anne-Mary Micu 2nd place

Miriam Hamenni 1st place, Lara Bodnaru Lacatusu 2nd place, Anna Maria Tutunaru 3rd place, Alina Lupascu 4th place

Besides prizes and medals, the girls enjoyed a friendly atmosphere and the possibility to present their gymnastics.

 Posted by on June 12, 2015