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In the previous article I was telling you about gymnastics siblings. In the level 2 field I was pleased to meet two little sisters of two already promising champions: Daria Berar (Iulia’s sister) and Cristina Puiu (Ana Maria’s sister).

Daria Berar is an online old acquaintance of mine. She is that child that you can’t but love. This was the first time I got to see her competing and the first time I got to spend with her “behind the scenes”. She made me love her even more. Cheerful and giddy, Daria had a blast while competing, she was fearless and pressure-less and performed as if she were in her training gym at home. It was no surprise that she got the GOLD in the end.

Cristina Puiu is a familiar figure too. Unlike Ana, Cristina is a more emotional gymnast, more tentative but not less talented. She had a hard time in Onesti but it was a good learning experience for her. Can she as well follow on her champion sister footsteps? I am convinced she can.

I am going to try a leotard approach for the rest of my story. This is how I remember every gym event – by the leos the girls wear. And it’s a good identification method too, especially in team events.

However, this year’s edition did not have a team section. But if I could, I would have rewarded at least one of the teams – and not for great results (although it would qualify for that too) but for fair-play, team spirit and…joy, the joy of performing, the joy of competing. I am talking about CSS Steaua – the team in blue. Bianca Dorobantu is mastering the art of performance (we learnt her secrets in a Next Star edition), Dalia Nita wins you over with grace and charm, Daniela Bica is all smiles and emotions and Alicia Morosan is the champion of smiles and… bars. And all-around runner-up! An especially gifted child.

Pink, the most fashionable gymnastics color nowadays, dressed a trendy club! A club which is no longer a surprise, CSM Arad. You’ve already met Daria, the champion. Cristina Vesa and Iana Lupsa are the other two members of the team who will bid for a top 3 finish at the upcoming Nationals. Both of them are very strong competitors and national medalists; Cristina medaled here as well (bronze on floor) while Iana come back fiercely from an arm injury. A team built on talent and a lot of hard work!

CSSG Focsani was white and blue. Their top athlete, Alina Craciun is a special gymnast, very talented, fearless, energetic and incredibly at ease on the apparatuses. With hard work and a little more attention to details, she can grow into a big name of Romanian gymnastics. Cristina Puiu, Raluca Lozneanu and Jamie Baldovin are the other three weapons of Focsani. I’ve told you about Cris already, Raluca is a remarkably beautiful presence and Jamie is the team gymnast, slightly tentative and emotional… but just until next time, right Jamie?

In their golden attire, the girls of Farul Constanta came to Onesti thinking of gold. And gold it was! Trained by a world champion, Camelia Voinea, the two Constanta natives Corina Petre and Luiza Popa dueled in difficulty and precision. They were extremely thorough and earnest in training and  even more sharp in competition. The gold was inevitable – Luiza got it for beam while Corina won floor and another three bronze medals.

For CS Petrolul Ploiesti, the delicate and elegant Bianca Stoica and Daria Popa were impressive especially on beam and  floor.

SCM Bacau‘s Narcisa Cadar and Alice Marin, two “lady birds” in their red-silvery leotards, were adorable, lively and playful on floor.

CS Dinamo athlete, Larisa Suiu is an old acquaintance of mine, a  cheerful, elegant gymnast. I was glad to see her again, to see how she has grown stepping on the footprints of Dinamo’s great Larisa. She also loves the beam.

The school section of Dinamo, cheered for Eliseea Serbanescu, a tiny, energetic and dynamic gymnast. She was the vault champion!

CSM Onesti’s little ones were the delight of the public. Larisa Scarlat showed beautiful gymnastics and great composure, if beam is any indication (and it is), Mihaela Matei inspired the sudience with her bouncy, playful performance while Sara Luca, a little shyer now, promises to be more determined in the future.

CS “Nadia Comaneci” Onesti pupils, Ana Huma and Miruna Petcu were also very cheered by the local public. And by me, especially because Ana is my county’s  (Neamt) native. Two talented kids, with a lot of charisma and an obvious preference for floor.

And I think I haven’t forgot anybody. If you liked reading about these future champions youngsters, do not hesitate in coming to the next little gymnast competition. The feeling is priceless and the memories are forever.

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