Apr 232015

Euro 2015 is already a memory. A bittersweet one for Romania. One single medal was won and as golden as it was, one can’t help but wonder what is next for Romania.

The 4 gymnasts that entered the Montpellier competition were the Olympic medalist Diana Bulimar, coming back from serious back to back injuries, the European champion Andreea Munteanu, coming in as a substitute for injured Iordache, and young hopefuls  Laura Jurca and Andreea Iridon, last year’s junior Euro medalists.

Carrying with them the absence of the value leader and the insufficient training marred by health problems and difficulties, the Romanian squad needed a moral victory to bring back hope and to awaken the ambitions. With Diana Bulimar not at her best capabilities and young ones Laura and Andreea timidly searching their places in the senior league, it was Andreea Munteanu who stepped  in and got the medal.
Andreea, not a stranger herself to health issues and unsteady training, somehow managed to pull it together just because someone had to do it. It was the Romanian way to keep the story alive.

video material via Fanny Villedieu youtube

And yet one more time, Romanian gymnastics does not give up. It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the elite, especially now when USA trains at outside of the galaxy standards and gymnastics has become so popular that it creates top athletes in various and unexpected countries, but we keep close. We don’t let go. And with athletes like Munteanu there is hope we’ll be again on the top of the world. Maybe not today, not tomorrow… but soon. Don’t you count Romania out!

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