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Sabina Cojocar, Silvia Stoiescu, Stela Nistor, Larisa Iordache, Andreea Munteanu and now her, one of Romanian biggest hopes for Rio, followed the girls  mentioned above and managed to medal this year in the all around competition at the European Championships. Although she will become senior only next year Laura Jurca already has difficult skills in her routines: a double yourchenko on vault (D 5.8), a Hindorff release on bars (E), full in and triple full on floor (both E value).

Here you can read a short interview with Laura:


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  1. How did you end up doing artistic gymnastics?

When I was a little girl I used to climb on everything and my parents decided that I should try a sport and this is how I start doing gymnastics. I was seven years old and I took everything as a game but in time I realized I could have a future in this sport.

2. Laura at Euros you’ve been cheered by the youngest fan, your little sister, how did you feel having your family in the arena?

It was great that my family could be there and my youngest sister was my mascot.10306459_803052356379721_1681028882386333124_n

3. From all the international competition that you took part, which one do you remember most dearly?

I was happy to compete on each and every competition and this is why all of them remained in my soul.

4. You are lucky to have with you the coaches that worked with you at the club, Adela Popa and Ioan Coroiu , but how was the accommodation process with the other coaches , Lucian Sandu, Lacramioara si Cristi Moldovan , Mariana Bitang and Octavina Bellu?

Yes, I was lucky from this point of view but if you want to do gymnastics and you have good coaches it does not matter what their style is because I have to do the same elements, same moves, etc.

5. 5. You have a Hindorff release and a Pak salto in your uneven bars routine, did you ever think connecting this two elements for an extra 0.2 points in your D score?10389972_639035076187004_112681460400834813_n

Yes, I would like to include this connection in my uneven bars routine and I hope to do this in the close future.

6. You are the silver medalist at the all around Euro competition but I assume you have a favorite event. What is your favorite event and where do you want to progress most in the future?


7. What do you do in your spare time to help you relax?

Between training sessions we go to ice massages, sauna and pool.

8. In less than 6 months you will become senior, what to do expect to accomplish until then?

Until becoming a senior I wish to add 1 or 2 elements on each one of my routines.


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