Jun 272014


At the beginning of 2013 she was selected to be part of the Deva national team and just a few months later 1398355_10152358985178662_1648053344_oshe impressed us with a full twisting Yurchenko vault, a full in dismount off uneven bars, and a sheep jump on balance beam, reminiscent of Ana Porgras.
Her name is Dora Vulcan, this spring she made her international debut at Gymnix, she was noticed by Cristi Moldovan at the last National Championships and she is one of the girls who will become senior next year.
You can read below a short interview with Dora:


* * *

How did your life change after you were selected to be part of the national team?

At the beginning it was difficult as I felt alone, but in time this change helped 1491406_10152554192433662_1821552475_ome become more confident.

On which event do you feel you improved most since you are in Deva and on which event do you want to upgrade most in the future?

I improved a lot on vault and I hope in the near future I’ll improve all my routines.

This year you competed in Gymnix against Russia’s best juniors, did you like something in particular about them?

I qualified for the vault final, I was very focused on doing my best and did not pay much attention to the rest of the girls, but from the little I could see I noticed they were strong on bars.

You are training with Liliana Cosma, a coach that gave us balance beam world champions, did she make you love this event?

At the beginning 979860_10152013415828662_348935544_oI was afraid when just thinking about beam but since I am in Deva I managed to become more confident and now I can say beam is one of my favorite events

How is Dora when she is not in the gym, what do you do to relax, what’s your favorite gymnast, your favorite element?

I sleep, I dance and I like to watch movies but lately I focused most on learning for my exams. My favorite gymnast is Nastia Liukin.

In less than 6 months you will become senior, what do you want to accomplish by then?

I just want to be healthy because I know that if I am I will be able to increase my difficulty as I always dreamed.