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The year 2014 brought some changes to the classification of junior categories. The scope? Probably the need to raise  and equalize the level of club trained juniors. The main change affected the 2002 born gymnasts who had to compete in the same level as the 2001 gymnasts – category II, level 4

As expected the battle for the gold medal was fought between the rivals Farul Constanta and Cetate Deva. This time it was won by Farul. Deva had to settle for silver while the young team of CSM Onesti (3 of 4 gymnasts were 2002 born) won the bronze.  Top 3 individual qualifiers were: 1. Olivia Cimpian (CNS Cetate Deva) 2. Georgiana Juravle (CS Farul Constanta) 3. Carmen Glavan (CS Farul Constanta)

As always, we invite you to admire the most impressive gymnasts of this category.

Let’s start with the younger gymnasts this time,  the 2002 juniors!

Daniela Dumitrascu – a complete and consistent gymnast

Laura Iacob – very promising junior with clean lines and good difficulty level

Nica Ivanus (CNS Cetate Deva) – a complete, powerful and dynamic gymnast. Watch her on bars and floor!

Denisa Golgota (CNS Cetate Deva) – energetic, enthusiast and so talented

Alina Nicolae (CSS Buzau) – a very elegant little one

Stefania Carauleanu (CS Farul Constanta) – a very powerful gymnast

And now, our old acquaintances, the talented 2001 gymnasts:

Olivia Cimpian (CNS Cetate Deva) – the elegant Deva gymnast came with a whole new array of skills: back full on beam, full in double back and Semenova turn on floor

Georgiana Juravle (CS Farul Constanta) – the highly ambitious Constanta gymnast performed incredibly well although struggling with some medical issues

Carmen Glavan (CS Farul Constanta) – the artist among Constanta’s artists wowed us again

Denisa Florea (CNS Cetate Deva) – better and better each time we see her

Kathlen Coman (CS Farul Constanta) – not just a beam specialist but WOW that’s a super beam!

Ioana Crisan (CNS Cetate Deva) – not at her best but still so good

Andra Anghelescu (CS Dinamo Bucuresti) – as elegant and original as we know her

Roberta Plesa (CSS Triumf Bucuresti) – not at her best  but still very consistent and confident

No, we did not forget Alexandra Mihai, Ana Maria Pasa, Alisia Botnaru, Corina Gaianu, Carmen Ghiciuc, Alexandra Parghie, Stefania Varlan, Bianca Matei or Tania Nastase. Soon, you’ll see them too!


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