Aug 122013
Maia Pirva

© Dan Mares

General Info

Name: Maia Andreea Pirva
Born 25 November 2004
Club: CSS Steaua Bucharest
Coaches: Angela Cacoveanu, Catalina Marchidanu, Gheorghe Neagu, Sebastian Nemes, Eliza Stoica, choreographer Mariana Ristea
Current status: retired

Competition Results

  • 2014: School Nationals – 3rd place with team CSS 3 Steaua Bucharest, 24th place AA (category III, level 2); “Little Gymnast” Nationals – 4th place with team CSS 3 Steaua Bucharest, 26th AA score (category III, level 2); Junior Individual Nationals – 25th place AA (category III, level 2)
  • 2013: School Nationals – 30th place AA (category IV, level 1); “Little Gymnast” Nationals – 43rd place AA (category IV, level 1)

Photo Gallery

  • 2013 “Little Gymnast” Nationals, Buzau (© Dan Mares)
  • 2013 School Nationals, Buzau (© Dan Mares)