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Although the compositional season has ended for them this year ( not for the ones who chose to compete in higher level though), the little gymnasts (9-10 years olds) will have their share of excitement this summer, being invited to train for 3 weeks in the national centers from Onesti or Deva, centers where almost all of our great champions trained before them. For many of them this is a preview of what is to come

As  reward for their good results this year, as  recognition of their talent and potential but also as  incentive and encouragement for future successes, the Romanian Gymnastics Federation has invited the best gymnasts of category IV to a training camp in either Onesti or Deva junior centers.

Here are the names of the little champions who will train in Deva and Onesti this summer:

  • The following gymnasts will train in Onesti:

Ioana S

Coleen Tataru, Teodora Teodoru and Ana-Maria Mandache from SCM Bacau
Teodora Manolache and Daniela Trica from CSS Barlad
Ingrid Nicolae and Nicola Pahontu from CSS Buzau
Andreea Tudor from CSS 7 Dinamo Bucharest
Nicole Coman, Silvia Sfiringu, Ariadna Stanciu, Dafne Stanciu and Ioana Stanciulescu from CS Farul Constanta
Teodora Patrascu and Ana Maria Puiu from CSSG Focsani
Madalina Akenson, Magdalena Gaftoi,Valentina Gondos, Ioana Oprea and Maria Stan from CSM Onesti
Elena Burlacu from CS Petrolul Ploiesti
Lavinia Popa and Ana Stefan from CSS Triumf Bucharest

  • An the following will train in Deva:

Ana Maria Rugina
Iulia Berar, Alexandra Lefter and Ana Maria Rugina from CSM Arad
Alexandra Bogdan, Antonia Duta, Maria Pana, Aida Sapira and Elena Trandafir from CS Dinamo Bucharest
Bianca Boca, Gianina Dan, Denisa Furak, Rebeca Serdean and Elisa Stana from CSS 1 Timisoara
Ana Maria Avram, Diana Harabagiu, Bianca Matei, Yasmina Militaru, Emilia Munteanu, Rebeca Paraschiv,  Alexandra Patriche, Gabriela Toader from CSS 1 Constanta
Sara Sorici from CSS Sibiu


It is also very reassuring to know that besides all this talented gymnasts we still have a lot of  gifted kids training at their home clubs, any of them being capable of becoming a great champion of the future, let’s just name the all-around champions of category IV this year, Lisa Marchidanu (level 1 champion) and Camelia Anghel  (level 2 co-champion) who are not among campers this time.

We hope these camps will prove to be very useful and motivating for our young gymnasts. Equally, we hope they will  stimulate the kids remained at home this time making them even more ambitious and willing to succeed !

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